Common name:phenmedipham(BSI)

Trade name: Kemifam; Betanal; Bentanal; Batanal

Alias:(3-Méthylphényl)carbamate de 3-[(méthoxycarbonyl)amino]phényle; 3-[(Methoxycarbonyl)amino]phenyl (3-methylphenyl)carbamate; 3-[(Methoxycarbonyl)amino]phenyl-(3-methylphenyl)carbamat; 3-[(methoxycarbonyl)amino]phenyl (3-methylphenyl)carbamate (non-preferred name); 3-((Methoxycarbonyl)Amino)Phenyl (3-Methylphenyl)Carbamate

Chemical name:3-[(Methoxycarbonyl)amino]phenyl-(3-methylphenyl)carbamat

Structural formula:


Molecular formula:C16H16N2O2

Molecular weight:300.3

Properties: pure compound is colorless crystal. Density is 0.25~0.3, melting point is 143~144℃. It breaks down at 147℃. Vapor pressure is 1.32nPa at 25℃. Solubility in water at normal temperature is 4.7mg/L, in acetone is 200g/kg, in methyl alcohol is 50g/kg, in benzene is 2.5g/kg, in isophorone is 231g/kg. Active ingredient of technical material>97%, melting point 140~144℃.

Formula: Kemifam 16% EC (160g/L phenmedipham); Betanal 16% EC (15.9% phenmedipham).

Applicable crops and control objects:The product is suitable for beet, strawberry and other products to control various broad-leaved weeds such galeopsis bifida, white dead nettle, wild radish, starwort, etc.