Common name: triadimefon(BSI,E-ISO); triaclimefone(F-ISO)

Trade name: Triadimefon; Bayleton; Trilitone; Amiral; Rofon

Alias:Bay-MEB6447; Bayer 6588; Bas 31702F

Chemical name:1-(4-Chlorophenoxy-3,3-dimethyl-1-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)-2-butanone

Structural formula:


Molecular formula:C14H16C1N3O2

Molecular weight:293.8

Properties: pure product is colorless crystal. Raw powder (technical product with content above 90%) is white to light yellow solid. Melting point: 82.3℃ (pure product), >70℃(raw powder). Vapor pressure: <7.5μPa at 20℃; l.5mPa at 40℃. Solubility: dichloromethane>120; cyclohexanone 60~120; toluene 40~60; isopropanol 20~40; petroleum ether (80~110℃) 0~1; water 0.007(700mg/L ).

Control objects:Barley and wheat: stripe rust, powdery mildew, full rot, wheat white culm, leaf blight, root rot, loose kernel smut, bunt smut of wheat, covered smut, head smut. Corn: round spot and banded sclerotial blight. Rice: banded sclerotial blight, leaf smut, leaf tip blight, sheath rot disease, kernel smut, rice blast, false smut. Trees and fruits: powdery mildew of smoke tree, pigeonpea, acacia auriculaeformis, rubber, blackcurrant, roxburgh rose, apple, grape, and hawthorn, mulberry rust. Medicinal materials: powdery mildew of astragalus, rust disease of fritillary bulb, etc.