Common name: thiabendazole(ISO, BSI, JMAF, BAN;

Trade name: Tecto; Tobaz; Thibenzole; Apl-Luster T; Brogdex 594-F, 597-F, 598-F; RPH; Freshgard; Gustafson LSP; Bioguard; Mertect, TBZ; Arbatects; Bovizole; Eprofil Eguizole; Mycuzol; Mintezol; RPH Frmigant

Chemical name:  2-(4-Thiazolyl)-1h-Benzimidazole

Structural formula:


Molecular formula:C10H7N3S

Molecular weight:201.25

Properties: white odorless powder. Melting point is 304~305℃. Non-volatile at normal temperature. It sublimates if heated to 310℃. Its solubility in water changes as pH varies, solubility is 1% if pH=2.0, at 25℃. and solubility is under 50mg/L when pH is 5-12. Solubility in acetone at normal temperature is 2.8mg/ml, in benzene is 0.25mg/ml, in trichloromethane is 0.08mg/ml, in toluene is 9.3mg/ml, in dimethyl sulfoxide is 80.0mg/ml.

Control objects:The product can effectively control plant diseases caused by ascomycetes, basidiomycetes andfungi imperfecti. In addition, thiabendazole also functions as mildew preventive for coating, synthetic resin and paper products, and as food additive for change and banana.